Here are some of the people who have found a benefit from their soul drawings.

'I was the lucky recipient of the soul drawing by Breda Marron. What an amazing experience. It came just as I finished up my nursing job and at what has been an incredibly busy time, so it has taken a while to digest all it means but I can honestly say it is one of the most moving and humbling experiences.

The picture immediately resonated with me – it's like I wasn't surprised to see what it was. The observations were so spot on and I found it an incredibly affirming experience. It shows me that I am on the right path and it brings huge comfort. What a beautiful gift.'

Sharon Smith

'I absolutely adore my soul drawing. It is one of the few possessions that I really do treasure and I mean that wholeheartedly. It blew me away, your gift and the message that came with the art work. Just soooo deeply personal, sacred and special and if I can convey that to anyone, I will certainly do my best.'

Sharon O'Farrell

'Before I seen my soul drawing, I thought it would contain bright colours, therefore I was curious to know which colours would be in mine. I was very interested to know whether an animal would appear in mine, having a deep rooted spiritual connection to animals.

On first seeing my soul drawing my initial thought was, 'Wow, it is BEAUTIFUL, I love it.'

It is honestly the most wonderful artwork I have ever seen. It is mesmerising. I feel it is a true reflection of me. It portrays my life journey so far and what has happened in recent years and that now finally, I can flourish, on my new path, that I have finally made the great escape.

I feel a wave of tranquillity wash over me when I look at my soul drawing. I feel a deeper connection to who I am at the core of myself and I feel more centered and grounded. Pondering over the painting eases any tension, fears and doubts I may have.

I feel a sense of inner peace when I look at it. It is extremely restorative to look at the painting, to reconnect me with who I am the very core of my being. I use it in my relaxation /yoga zone at home. The colour and image itself represents who I really am, vision of what my soul is.

The letter was spookily accurate it depicts who I am exactly, even what profession I do and this great escape I have recently made- that I have "broken free".

Everyone who sees my soul drawing agrees that the soul image is stunning and that the letter included gives an extremely accurate depiction of me.

I think everybody - children, adults, older people, would benefit from a soul drawing. People who have lost a loved one could get a soul drawing done of their departed loved one as they would still feel connected to them. Animal lovers, animals who have also passed perhaps their owners would like a soul image of them.

I think soul drawings would make a special gift, to express gratitude or thanks, people looking to make their home more of a haven, somewhere to relax and unwind. Those interested in living a mindful life, practicing meditation or yoga, or those who work from home it could be nice in a home office setting to relax or de-stress them and offer peace, tranquillity. It would help them feel connected to themselves/their loved one/their animal.

Claire Murphy

'I recently received a drawing in memory of my son Conor (gifted to me by friend Joanne). The drawing is simply beautiful. My eye is drawn to different parts of it each time. I have read and re-read your words in the letter. I love that so much symbolises the life and not the death of my son. Your words and drawing I know will bring hope and light into our family home.'

From Conor & Eoin's mummy

'Our soul drawing is very special to me. Breda has captured in so many ways the essence of my connection with my baby daughter. It's a beautiful drawing, so warm and so healing. I love the drawing. It captures so much of Olivia's and my story- our lives together. Sometimes when self-doubt creeps in, which it often does, I look at our picture and I feel a little grounded by it.

There is significant comfort and healing in the artwork, having every member of your family present and accounted for. We hope to someday have a family soul drawing done for us.'


'There is something enlightening about the experience of viewing our piece of work. It triggers something inside which I can best describe as joy.

I believe the soul drawing is my daughters soul revealing itself to me through the artist. I'm satisfied to say that my daughter in some way is speaking to me through the drawing. I guess Breda is a messenger.

I think anyone with an open heart would benefit from a soul drawing. Personally, it offers me a closeness to my daughter.'


'I wasn't sure how the process 'worked' but given the situation at the time I was expecting the painting to be dark. I was really happy that the overall vibe was positive and that the painting was bright yellow.

I feel perhaps that a soul drawing can give people an insight into their emotional state at a point in time, which they can look back on, with fond memories or with a sense of appreciation that it was a difficult period in their life which they have come through.

I think people could probably benefit from a soul drawing if they're going through a difficult period and want an outlet for that or a different way of expressing that, other than verbalising it.'


'I love having a personal drawing, unique to me. I have it in my bedroom as it's very personal.'


'When I first seen my soul drawing, I was shocked to be honest. It was not what I was expecting at all. I never for a minute thought that there would be any symbols or images in mine, maybe some colour but nothing so definite. I thought my soul drawing would be dark without much colour.

Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes I was just drifting along with the tide, somewhere along the way I lost sight of who I really am and what I am capable of. I feel very much empowered when I look at my soul drawing, proud of the woman I am today. It's a reminder to me that I have the power to change things, I'm the architect of my future. I feel that the thoughts & feelings of strength it evoked will help me as I move forward in what I now feel is a new chapter in my life.'

Olga O'Brien

'In a world full of cynicism, it was pretty damn wonderful to meet Breda. She is humble and lovely in the way that only people who have a true gift tend to be. When I unwrapped the picture the overwhelming feeling I had was that it was so right. It is full of energy, warmth, protection and light. She works in a meditative state of mind to allow the free flow of energy and images to come to her, so there is no interference from ego, 'should-be's' or 'what-if's'.

Breda's artwork comes straight from the heart.

Breda found that she had to include me in Finian's Soul Drawing so it became a story of us, instead of him alone. In a beautiful letter that accompanies the drawing she describes how Finian's purpose is to bring light and energy into the world, and that mine is to ground him and keep him safe. There's much more in the letter, which is unique to everyone, but it gave me an insight into Finian from a different angle.

The whole experience makes me feel centered, calmer, less anxious and a little braver. Having our soul drawing done helped me to see this, and having it hanging on the wall reminds me of it every day.

We need to be creative to tap into our children's spirituality; whether it's through art, music, construction, nature, playfulness or whatever opens your child up. As ever, I continue to learn from my "disabled" son.

I would describe a soul drawing as an intuitive artist's impression of a soul, using colours and images to express what she perceives. It reminds me that our souls are vibrant and energetic and real.

I think people who feel a bit lost and who lack direction, would benefit from a soul drawing. Especially those who are struggling to fit their spirituality into a materialist world.

I think a soul drawing offers clarity, calm and a visual reminder of our spirit. The soul drawings are beautiful pieces of art and they are also personal and deeply meaningful to each client.

'Our soul drawing is like hanging a spiritual anchor on my wall to help me navigate this crazy world.'

Jean Carroll

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