Soul images are created through meditating on a person's inner light and then allowing the images and colours to evolve to form the final image.


Soul Paintings are created using acrylic paints on canvas, ready to hang. Each painting is accompanied by a letter explaining the images, symbolism and story within the image.

Acrylic painting on deep canvas, unframed
12" x 16" x 1.5" (29cm x 42cm x 4cm)

Larger paintings can be commissioned to suit your needs and other art mediums can be arranged.

To discuss options contact Breda at [email protected]


The initial payment of €240 is paid before the painting can commence.

On completion of the soul painting, a 1-to-1 online consultation is arranged where the artist will show the finished painting and discuss the meanings and story within the painting.

The final €240 is paid at this point prior to delivery of the painting and the accompanying letter.

If you wish to have the painting frames it can be arranged at this stage.


Delivery can be arranged worldwide and is priced separately.


Framing can be arranged by request. All frames are custom made in Ireland.

How to order your Soul Drawing

The Process

Each soul drawing is created by channelling a connection to the person's soul. Some people's soul drawings can be abstract and the energy of the soul is captured through the use of colours and symbols. Some soul drawings tell a story or narrative about the journey the soul is processing. It may be a memory from the past or the drawing may hold suggestions towards a new phase of life.

What is required?

In order for Breda to do a soul drawing she will need the full name of the recipient and a photograph. Alternatively a ribbon or small item that the person has held can be used to connect to the person.


When you get in touch with Breda to order a soul painting, she will let you know the expected time scale for completing the painting. There is currently a waiting time of approximately 4-6 weeks.

Place your order

To place your order fill in the contact form and Breda will be in touch with further details.

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