Capture, Connect & Cherish Your Soul
Soul Drawings To Reflect Your Inner Journey
by Irish artist Breda Marron

What are Soul Drawings?

A story often unfolds with a soul drawing, which can help to explain the journey the person has been going through. The drawing can also highlight a need for change, as well as serve as a celebration of the soul's resilience and unique energy through the use of colour and symbols. Each soul drawing is accompanied by a letter to the person recording the thoughts and feeling that came through during the drawing.

Who is the Artist?

Irish artist Breda Marron, BDes. Hons, studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Since 1997 Breda has worked mainly to commission and for exhibitions. Her work has become part of many public and private collections and she has exhibited widely in Ireland and the UK.

How to Order Yours?

Each soul drawing is created by channelling a connection to the person's soul. The biggest step is to decide to go for it and make the personal investment. Click here for further information on prices and the steps involved in ordering a soul drawing.


Individual Soul Drawings

Individual Soul Drawings

In essence each soul drawing is a self-portrait that goes below the surface and brings the true beauty and light from deep within to the surface. A lot of people are surprised at just how bright and vibrant their soul drawings are, even when they are going through challenging times. The soul drawing can serve as a source of reassurance and direction at times of uncertainty.

Every soul drawing is a unique piece of art, created for especially for each individual. The drawings are created using artist's chalk and sealed to preserve the quality of the artwork. Each soul drawing is signed by the artist and comes with a letter, giving a brief description of the thoughts and ideas about what was coming through while the soul drawing was being done.

Baby and Infant Soul Drawings

Baby and Infant Soul Drawings

Soul drawings can be commissioned to mark the arrival of a new soul into the world. Each soul is as big and developed at day one as they are many years later. Soul drawings done at different stages during a person's life will reflect the changes and journey of the soul.

Many souls need only a brief while to change the lives of all they connect to. Sometimes a soul only develops for a short while during a pregnancy or may only stay a while after birth but their soul can still be celebrated in a soul drawing or will be present in a family soul drawing. This type of soul drawing offers a chance for their family to connect to them in a new way. The date the soul enters the world and their name is all that is needed for their soul drawing to be created.

Soul Couple/Soul Mate Drawings

Soul Couple/Soul Mate Drawings

Soul drawings can be done to celebrate a Couple, Soulmates or Soul friends. In order to do this type of soul drawing a photo is needed of both people, either together or separately.

Option 1 - Two individual soul drawings are created and placed side by side in the same frame.
Option 2 - One soul drawing is created reflecting the connection between both souls.

Family Soul Drawings

Family Soul Drawings

A family soul drawing shows the connection of your chosen family, whether it is the family you are born into or the family you create for yourself. It is a reflection of the people who you share soul connections with and accompany you along stages of your journey in life.

A family photograph or alternatively a few photographs showing the various members of the family is required to do a family soul drawing.


Here are some of the people who have found a benefit from their soul drawings.


Mother and Part-time Student

"It is something very personal to me that I cherish, as it touched me deeply. It also helped me to put into action thoughts that I'd had for some time. I never tire of looking at it."


Holistic Therapist

"I had the most profoundly deep night sleep after seeing my Soul Art drawing. There is a sense of being whole again and a renewed will to continue on with my path and journey in this lifetime."


Mother and Montessori Teacher

"I love it. I think the benefit of having my soul drawing is that it reminds me, when I need it, to be the true me."

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